Barraclough Tree's

After much discussion in the Barraclough Newsgroup on Rootsweb, it was suggested that a few of them wanted their Barraclough family trees displayed on a web site, in the hope that other family members  connected to their tree's can contact them and share their information, and thus their tree's can continue to grow. If you do find a connection with any of the below tree's then please email me  so that I can put you in touch with others researching your particular Barraclough Tree. It will then be up to you and them to prove the connection.

(Because of the size of the various tree's some have been broken into sections so that it is easier to view them)

John BARRACLOUGH & Susannah RADCLIFFE married 28th April 1811 at Bradford Parish Church, together they had Joseph 1811, Thomas 1813, John 1815/1816, Sarah 1817 & Squire 1820/1821. Other surnames assocated with this family are ACKROYD, BASTOW, BOTTOMLEY, BROWN, CROCKFORD, ESNA, GREGSON, HUCKLE, IRONMONGER, JAGGER, JACKMAN, KELLETT, MC ALEAR, OATES, PETTY, PRIESTLEY, ROBERTSHAW, SLICER, SOWDEN, SYKES, TENNANT, TERRY, THOMPSON, TODD, TOMLINSON, TURNER, WELLS, WHEATER, WOODROW.


Derek Barraclough