Our Anderson Ancestors from Dumbarton, Scotland to Victoria, Australia.

William Walter ANDERSON was born abt: 1840 in Dumbarton, Dunbartonshire, Scotland to William ANDERSON and Catherine MCALLUM. He died on the 19th June 1918 at the Convent of the Little Sisters of the Poor in Northcote, Victoria, Australia and was buried on the 20th June 1918 at Springvale Cemetery, Victoria, Australia. He married Mary Ann BARRACLOUGH on the 11th August 1862 at the home of Mrs. Tait Latrobe Terrace, Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

Children: of William Walter ANDERSON and Mary Ann BARRACLOUGH
1. Jessie Anderson BARRACLOUGH was born in 1862 at Geelong, Vic,Aust. married 1881 Jacob Edwards.
2. Agnes ANDERSON was born 1865  at Buninyong, Vic, Aust. She died 1952 in at Parkville, Vic, Aust. and she married John George Larsen in 1886 in Vic, Aust. 
  • 3. William Thomas ANDERSON was born 1866 at Buninyong, Vic, Aust. He died on the 19th November 1957 at Emerald, Vic, Aust. and is buried at the Ferntree Gully Cemetery, Vic, Aust. He married Martha SIMMONS on the 11th July 1893 at Melbourne, Vic, Aust.
4. Alice Amy ANDERSON was born 1868 at Buninyong, Vic, Aust. and married Charles John Brooks in 1891 at Victoria, Aust. 
5. Catherine Jane ANDERSON was born 1871 at Scarsdale, Vic, Aust. and married John Arthur Miller in 1888 at Victoria, Aust. 
6. Jane ANDERSON was born 1873 at Ballarat, Vic, Aust and died 1873 at Ballarat, Vic, Aust. 
7. Hannah ANDERSON was born 1875 at Ballarat, Vic, Aust. 
8. Walter Stephen ANDERSON was born 1877 at Geelong, Vic, Aust. and died 1878 at Geelong, Vic, Aust. 
9. Frances Eva ANDERSON was born 1879 at Geelong Vic, Aust and married James Patrick Cairns in 1916 Vic, Aust. 

  • Children of William Thomas ANDERSON and Martha SIMMONS
1. Mary Ann ANDERSON was born on the 30th May 1895 at Scorsby, Vic, Aust. and died on the 5th November 1988 at Upwey, Vic, Aust. Mary Ann married  Henry Carl Marius Peterson who was never to return from the  1st World War. Mary Ann then married William Menna Faull.
2. Albert Ernest ANDERSON was born in 1897 at Scoresby,Vic, Aust. Died in Action during the 1st World War 24/8/1818. 
3. William Thomas ANDERSON was born in 1898 at Sherbroke, Vic, Aust. Died of Wounds received in Action during the 1st World War 4/7/1818. 
4. Eva ANDERSON was born 1900 at Sherbroke, Vic, Aust. Died 1901 at Sherbroke, Vic, Aust. 
5. Elsie ANDERSON was born in 1902 at Sherbroke, Vic, Aust. and died 1903 at Sherbroke, Vic, Aust. 
6. Joseph John ANDERSON was born 18th August 1903 at Sherbroke, Vic, Aust. and died, date unknown. 
7. Martha ANDERSON was born 8th August 1903 at Sherbroke, Vic, Aust. and died, date unknown. married John Elliot
  • 8. Victor ANDERSON was born 1907 at Sherbroke, Vic, Aust, died 2nd January 1961 at Hobart, Tas, Aust and is buried at Hobart Old Cemetery. He married 1. Bertha Annie SMITH on the 31st October 1929 at Albert Park, Vic, Aust and married 2. Beryl Heatley in Tasmania, date unknown.
9. Alice Jessie May ANDERSON 

Children of Victor ANDERSON and Bertha Annie SMITH

1. Victor George ANDERSON was born 20th April 1930 at South Melbourne, died 17th October 1980 at Prahan, Vic, Aust. and is buried at Fawkner Cemetery, married Josephine KEITH on the 24th November 1954. 

2. Keith Arnold ANDERSON

I am the 1st daughter of Victor George ANDERSON and Josephine KEITH
If you are descended from any of the above, please email me, as I would dearly like to make contact with other descendants.



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