My Barraclough Ancestors from West Yorkshire, England, to Victoria Australia 

William BARRACLOUGH  was baptised on the  6th May 1791 Holy Trinity Church Wibsey, WRY, England.  Son of Stephen BARRACLOUGH,  he died on the  18th May 1872 at Leeds, WRY, England and was buried on the 1st June 1872 at Holy Trinity Church Wibsey, WRY, England. He married Susannah TAYLOR on the   26th Mar 1812 Bradford, WRY, England.
Children of William BARRACLOUGH and Susannah TAYLOR:
  • 1.  Mary BARRACLOUGH c: 18th Apr 1813 Horton By Bradford, WRY, Eng. married ? WALKER
2.  John BARRACLOUGH c: 19th Feb 1815 Horton By Bradford, WRY, Eng. died 22 Oct 1817, buried Holy Trinity Church Wibsey
  • 3.Stephen BARRACLOUGH c:8th Jun 1817 Horton By Bradford. WRY, Eng.    d: 23rd Aug 1867 Devonshire Lead, Buninyong, VIC, Aust.  m: 2nd Aug 1838 Parish Church Lancaster, LAN, Eng. Mary VORSE  
4.  John BARRACLOUGH  c: 20th January 1820 Horton By Bradford, WRY, Eng. 
5.  William BARRACLOUGH c: 8th December 1822 Calverley, WRY, Eng. died 23 Apr 1853, Melbourne, Vic, Aust.
  • 6.  Thomas BARRACLOUGH c: 26th June 1825 Calverley, WRY, Eng. married Sarah  Ann ELLIOT
  • 7.  George BARRACLOUGH c: 24th June 1827 Calverley, WRY, Eng.married Hannah ? 
8.  Henry BARRACLOUGH c: 16th Aug 1829 Calverley, WRY, Eng. died 16 May 1855, buried 19 May 1855 Holy Trinity Church, Wibsey.
10. Martha BARRACLOUGH c: 20 Dec 1832 Calverley Parish Church, WRY,Eng. died 19th August 1849 at Leeds and buried 24th August 1849 at Holy Trinity Church Wibsey.
11. Samuel BARRACLOUGH born abt: 1835 at Leeds, died 9th October 1855 and buried at Holy Trinity Church Wibsey.
12. Susannah BARRACLOUGH born abt 1837 Leeds:


Children of Stephen BARRACLOUGH and Mary VORSE

1.  Mary Jane BARRACLOUGH c: 23rd Apr 1839 Lancaster, LAN, Eng. 
2.  Hannah BARRACLOUGH c: abt 1842.  d:1914 Lilydale, VIC, Aust.  m: 30th Aug       1859.  Joseph Heap
  • 3. Mary Ann BARRACLOUGH c: 30th Mar 1845 St. Olaves Church Bermondsey, LND,  Eng.d:  May 1881 Ballarat, VIC, Aust.  m: 11th Aug 1862 Geelong, VIC, Aust. William Walter ANDERSON  
4.  Robinia Jane BARRACLOUGH c: 29th November 1846 St. Olaves Church 
Bermondsey, LND, Eng. 
5.  William Thomas BARRACLOUGH c: 19th Mar 1848 St. Mary Magdalane Church, 
Bermondsey, LND, Eng. d: 24th February 1881 Geelong, VIC, Aust.  m:  8th November 
1862 Geelong, VIC, Aust. Rosa Wiltshire
6.  Susannah BARRACLOUGH  c: 30th June 1850 St. Mary Magdalane Church, 
Bermondsey, LON, Eng. d:1922 Richmond, VIC, Aust.  m:1872 Frederick Montgomery 
7.  Sarah Jane  BARRACLOUGH b: Aboard the ship coming to Australia  d: 1864 
Geelong, VIC, Aust. 
8.  John Henry BARRACLOUGH  b: 1856 East Geelong, VIC, Aust.  d: 1857 Geelong, 
VIC, Aust. 
9.  Alice Amy BARRACLOUGH  b: 1859 Geelong, VIC, Aust.  d: 1947 Geelong, VIC, Aust. m: 1879 Henry Groves. 
10.  Walter BARRACLOUGH b: 1861 Bayswater, VIC, Aust.  d: 1865 Geelong, VIC, Aust. 

Children of Thomas BARRACLOUGH and Sarah ELLIOTT

1. Mary A. BARRACLOUGH born abt: 1852 Leeds
2. William E. BARRACLOUGH born abt: 1855 Leeds
3. Samuel H. BARRACLOUGH  born abt 1857 Leeds
4. Arthur T. BARRACLOUGH born abt 1859 Leeds
5. Kate E. BARRACLOUGH born abt: 1862 Leeds
6. Annie E. BARRACLOUGH born abt 1865 Leeds
7. Sarah A. BARRACLOUGH born abt 1868 Leeds

Children of George BARRACLOUGH

1. Harry BARRACLOUGH born about 1860 Otley

  If you are descended from any of the above, please let me know.


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