1861 Census North East Bradford

(Area's included Pudsey, Calverley, Greengates, Eccleshill, Idle)
(Some information have been omitted from this  transcript due to the quality of the film it was transcribed from)

113 Littlemoor Bottom (Pudsey)
Samuel Barraclough, 28, Coalminer, born Bradford
Esther Barraclough, 26, Wife, born Bradford

37 Littlemoor Lane (Pudsey)
Joseph Barraclough, 45, Coalminer, born Horton
Ann Barraclough, 38, Wife, born Horton
Betty Barraclough, 20, born Horton
Fountain Barraclough, 5mths, (male b) born Pudsey
Abraham Barraclough, 18, Coalminer, born Horton
Isaac Barraclough, 16, Coalminer, born Horton
Ruth Barraclough, 12, born Horton
Joshua Barraclough, 10, Coalminer, born Horton
Fred Barraclough, 7, born Pudsey
Mager Barraclough, Son, 3, born Pudsey
Ann Barraclough, 7mths, born Pudsey

11 Lowton Street
Martha Barraclough, 20, M, born Pudsey
(Martha's maiden name Bocock can be derived from this entry as she was visiting her mother)

62 Chapeltown Road
John Barraclough, 57, Haymaker, born Pudsey
Betty Barraclough, Wife, 51
Thomas Barraclough, 31
Frank Barraclough, 20,
Jane Barraclough, 16
Alfred Barraclough, 10
Sophia Barraclough, 8

106 Newy? Road
Elizabeth Barraclough, Widow, 52, Farmer 35 acres with servant, born Guiseley

95 Leeds Bradford Road
John Barraclough, 46, born Scarborough
Jane Barraclough, 47, born Stuttor
John Edward Barraclough, 20
Elizabeth Barraclough, 18
Martha Ann Barraclough, 13
Parish Joseph Barraclough, 10

39 Capel Street, (Calverley) (Living with the Snowden family)
Charles Barraclough, 26, Joiner, born Eccleshill
Mary Barraclough, 22, Dressmaker born Calverley
Elizabeth Barraclough, 2mths
(Mary's maiden name was Snowden)

107 Riddough's Place (Calverley)
John Barraclough, 26, Stonemason, born Bradford
Elizabeth Barraclough, 23, Worsted Weaver, born Grantham
William Barraclough, 2, born Bradford
Arthur Barraclough 1mths, born Calverley

19/20 Apperley Road (Greengates)
Mary Barraclough, M, Dressmaker born Eccleshill
(Mary's maiden name Calvert can be derived from this entry as she was visiting her parents)

26 Carr Bottom Road (Greengates)
Francis Barraclough, 33, Weaver, born Eccleshill
Maria Barraclough, 28 born Eccleshill
Elizabeth Barraclough, 6, born Eccleshill
Hannah Barraclough, 4, born Eccleshill
Emma Barraclough, 1, born Eccleshill

34 Victoria Pl (Eccleshill)
George Barraclough, 49, Stonecutter, born Bolton
Elizabeth Barraclough, 43
Mary A. Barraclough, 18, Millworker, born Eccleshill

65 Stonehall (Eccleshill)
Maria Barraclough, 21, Widow, born Eccleshill
(Maria's maiden name Thornton can be derived from this entry as she is living with her parents)
11 Stonehall (Eccleshill)
John Barraclough, 46, Weaver, born Eccleshill
Nancy Barraclough, 46, Weaver, born Pudsey
Samuel Barraclough, 18, Weaver, born Pudsey
Mary Barraclough, 15, born Pudsey

2 Dorwill Place (Eccleshill)
William Barraclough 79, (?-33) Worsted cloth Mfgr, born Eccleshill
Sarah Barraclough, 29, born Eccleshill
Mary Barraclough, 8, born Eccleshill
Thomas Barraclough, 6, born Eccleshill
Maria Barraclough, 1, born Eccleshill
Henry Barraclough, Brother, 36, Weaver, born Eccleshill

9 Moorside Street, (Eccleshill)
Joseph Barraclough, 21, Weaver, born Pudsey
Mary Barraclough, 23, Weaver, born Pudsey
William Barraclough, 2, born Eccleshill
John Barraclough, 2mth, born Eccleshill

36 Dudley Hill Road (Eccleshill)
George Barraclough, 37, Worsted STuff Merchant, born Bradford
Amelia Barraclough, 36, born Bradford

9 Chapel Walk (Eccleshill)
David Marshall, Head, 33
Susannah Marshall,Wife, 40, born Guiseley
William Barraclough, 14, Spinner, born Guiseley
James Barraclough, 12, born Eccleshill
Mary Ann Marshall, born Eccleshill
(David & Susannah Marshall are the Stepfather & Moter of William & James Barraclough & Mary Ann is their Step Sister)

8 Town Lane (Eccleshill)
Benjamin Barraclough, 38, Carrier, born Eccleshill
Martha Ellen Barraclough, 27, born Bradford
Mary Barraclough, 8, born Eccleshill
Francis Barraclough, 7, born Eccleshill
John Barraclough, 6, born Eccleshill
Charlotte Barraclough, 3, born Eccleshill
Cornelius Barraclough, 1, born Eccleshill

12 Mountain Street (Idle)
John Barraclough, 42, Manger Woolspinning, born Eccleshill
Ruth Barraclough, 36, born Heaton
Thomas Barracclough, 11, born Idle
John Barracclough, 6, born Idle
Jane Barralough, 3, born Idle
Elizabeth Barracclough, 1, born Idle



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