Barraclough & Variant
entries at
Calverley Parish Church
Bap, Mar,1600-1836
Bur 1600- 1844

Please note due to the condition of the film and varying qualities of handwriting therein, there is almost certainly some data missed in this transcription.

Also included in this transcript are the entries extracted from the Chapelry of Idle Parish Register, for the same time period. The entries can be identerfied by the following in the abode column
(Idle Parish Church)


13/01/1750 BARACLIF John Samuel      
14/04/1754 BARACLIF Hannah Samuel   Pudsey  
01/04/1766 BARRACLOUGH James William      
31/03/1766 BARRACLOUGH John Francis   Idle  
27/09/1767 BARROWCLIFF Henry William      
17/02/1788 BARROWCLOUGH John James   (Idle PC)  
11/04/1790 BARROWCLOUGH James James   (Idle PC)  
18/03/1792 BARROWCLOUGH Hannah James   (Idle PC)  
04/05/1794 BARROWCLOUGH William James   (Idle PC)  
31/07/1796 BARROWCLOUGH Rachel James   (Idle PC)  
04/11/1798 BARROWCLOUGH Joshua James   (Idle PC)  
26/02/1804 BARRACLOUGH John John   Pudsey  
10/04/1814 BARELCLOUGH Betty John Betty Pudsey (Idle PC) Haymaker
08/12/1822 BARRACLOUGH William William Susanna Burley Mill, Kirkstall Weaver
13/04/1825 BARRACLOUGH William William Mary Bolton (Idle PC) Mfgrr
26/06/1825 BARRACLOUGH Thomas William Susanna Burley Mill, Kirkstall Weaver
24/06/1827 BARRACLOUGH George William Susanna Burley Mill, Kirkstall Weaver
14/08/1829 BARRACLOUGH Henry William Susanna Burley Mill, Kirkstall Weaver
16/08/1829 BARRACLOUGH James William Mary Bolton Outlanes (Idle PC)  
4/08/1829 BARRACLOUGH Henry William Susannah Burley Mill  
02/12/1832 BARRACLOUGH Martha William Susannah Burley Mill  
16/10/1836 BARRACLOUGH Mary Anne William Mary Bolton Outlanes  (Idle PC)  


22/5/1633 BARRACLOUGH George Anne Haineworth
08/10/1660 BARRACLOUGH Henry Hannah Mitchell
28/05/1662 BARRACLOUGH Henry Martha Nettleton
08/05/1664 BARRACLOUGH Mary Samuel Tennant
14/01/1696 BARRACLOUGH George Bradford Mary Rawson (Of Calverley)
13/11/1701 BARRACLOUGH Ann Calverley William Harper
20/1/1702 BARRACCLOUGH Elizabeth Calverley John Hutchinson
11/4/1757 BARACLIFF Samuel Pudsey Sarah ?
09/12/1799 BARRACLOUGH Stephen  Calverley Mary Smithies
08/06/1801 BARRACLOUGH John Calverley Elizabeth Hainsworth
04/04/1802 BARRACLOUGH Joseph Calverley Elizabeth Jowett
24/07/1808 BARRACLOUGH Andrew Calverley Betty Lightfoot
08/04/1810 BARRACLOUGH John Calverley Mary Barraclough
18/09/1811 BARRACLOUGH Stephen Calverley Susannah ??Tnton (Thornton?)
03/02/1812 BARRACLOUGH Hannah Calverley James Clough
05/01/1818 BARRACLOUGH Ann Calverley William Cooper (Woolsorter/Widower)
05/03/1821 BARRACLOUGH Stephen (Weaver) (bop) Betty Harrison
25/11/1822 BARRACLOUGH Thomas (Slay Maker) (bop) Hannah Hinchcliffef
20/04/1823 BARRACLOUGH John (Shoemaker) (bop) Hannah Brook (Widow)
10/02/1824 BARACLOUGH William (Stuff Manufact) Bradford Mary Ward
13/04/1825 BARRACLOUGH Mary (bop) Joshua Bocock  (Clothier)
14/10/1827 BARRACLOUGH John (Geer & Slay Maker) (bop) Elizabeth Crompton
08/02/1829 BARRACLOUGH Sarah  (bop) Sam Gott (Clothier)
25/12/1831 BARRACLOUGH William (Woolcomber) Catherine Knowles
25/12/1831 BARRACLOUGH Sarah James Hartley (Woolcomber)
25/06/1832 BARRACLOUGH Sarah James Clegg (Delver)
02/12/1832 BARRACLOUGH Hannah James Nettleton (Stonemason)
17/11/1833 BARRACLOUGH Andrew (Cordwainer) (Widower) Martha Wilson (Widow)


02/07/1661 BARRACLOUGH Hannah Henry
03/07/1662 BARRACLOUGH Jn. Calverley
24/10/1807 BARRACLOUGH Mary Idle Calverley Stephen
23/09/1811 BARRACLOUGH John Idle William
09/03/1819 BARRACLOUGH Betty Eccleshill - 3 yrs Stephen
17/12/1827 BARRACLOUGH Faith Bolton - 13 yrs James
26/05/1831 BARRACLOUGH Rachel Idle Moor - 74 yrs (Idle PC)
27/01/1833 BARRACLOUGH James Idle - 78 yrs (Idle PC)
21/08/1833 BARRACLOUGH Joshua Greengates - 81 yrs
23/07/1834 BARRACLOUGH Hannah Greengates - 17 yrs James
24/01/1836 BARRACLOUGH Hannah Idle - 78 yrs (Idle PC)
17/11/1836 BARRACLOUGH Andrew Eccleshill Moor - 83 yrs (Idle PC) 
14/10/1841 BARRACLOUGH Sarah Bolton - 60 yrs James
3/12/1841 BARRACLOUGH James Bolton - 59 yrs
14/4/1844 BARRACLOUGH Mercy Esholt - 19 yrs Stephen



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