Out Simmons Ancestors from East Sussex, England to Victoria, Australia

George SIMMONS was bp: 26 May 1811 at Rodmell PC , East Sussex, Eng, son of William SIMMONS & Jane HARRIOTT, he died 28th February 1872 at Aldringa, South Australia. married (1.)Sarah Ann SWEATMAN on the 12th October 1833 at Piddinghoe, East Sussex, Eng. then married (2) Maria Frerrer at Rodmell PC on the 17 Jul 1854. Sarah was buried 11 Jan 1852 at Rodmell PC.

Children of George SIMMONS and Sarah Ann SWEATMAN

1. Mercy SIMMONS born abt: 1833 at Piddinghoe, East Sussex, England.
2. Thomas SIMMONS was baptised 10th Sept. 1837 at Rodmell, East Sussex, England and died 16th June 1919 at Cockatoo Creek,  Vic, Aust. married Grace Morrish 29th Dec 1860 at St. John's Church, Adelaide.
  • 3. Isaac SIMMONS was baptised 4th February 1844 at Rodmell, East Sussex, England and died 30th Aug 1927 at the Little Sisters of the Poor, Hospice at Northcote, Vic, Aust. he was buried on the 1st Sept. 1927 at Ferntree Gully Cemetery. married Harriet WARD on the 7th March 1867 at Cranbourne, Vic,Aust.

Children of Isaac SIMMONS and Harriet WARD

1. Harriet SIMMONS was born 11th Apr. 1868 at Berwick, Vic, Aust. and married George Bambury in 1884. 
2. Thomas Josiah SIMMONS was born 28th Oct. 1869 at Berwick, Vic, Aust and died 19th Jul 1943 married Henrietta Andrews on the 1st Nov 1898 at Melbourne, Vic, Aust. 
3. Mary Sarah Ann SIMMONS was born 21st Oct 1871 at Berwick, Vic, Aust. 
4. Amelia Kathleen SIMMONS was born in 7th Sept 1873 at Berwick, Vic, Aust and died 11th Dec 1947 at Lang Lang, Vic, Aust. married Charles Henry David Hoult in 1889 at Donnybrook, Vic, Aust. 
  • 5. Martha SIMMONS was born 19th Jan 1876 at Red Hill, Berwick, Vic, Aust. and died 22nd Nov 1947 at Upper Gully, Vic, Aust. she was buried 24th Nov 1947 at the Ferntree Gully Cemetery. married William Thomas ANDERSON on the 11th July 1893 at Melbourne, Vic, Aust.
6. Joseph SIMMONS was born 9th Dec 1878 at Berwick, Vic, Aust and died 17th Apr 1952 at Preston, Vic, Aust. married Phoebe Simmons on the 24th Feb 1904 at Melbourne, Vic. 
7. Henrietta SIMMONS was born 31st July 1880 at Berwick, Vic, Aust. died 12th Jan 1939 at Chelsea, Vic, Aust. married Alexander  Charman in 1892. 
8. Alice SIMMONS was born 28th July 1883 at Gembrook , Berwick, Vic, Aust died 17th Mar 1951 at Harrisfield, Vic, Aust. married Harmes John Flentjar in 1901 at Dandenong, Vic, Aust. 
9. Rose May SIMMONS was born 7th May 1885 at Ferntree Gully, Vic, Aust.married Jackson Lloyd in 1903.



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