St. Peters Church Leeds

Baptisms 1757-1776, 1795-1809
(This is not a complete transcript but various entries from the above dated periods)

Surname Given Name Date of Birth Date of Bapt Abode Father
BARROWCLIFF John 30/11/1776 23/2/1776-77 North Hall Samuel
BARRACLOUGH Elisabeth 12/2/1797 12/3/1797 Union Street Thomas
BARRACLOUGH Samuel 5/6/1798 8/7/1798 North Hall Thomas
BARRACLOUGH Mary 17/9/1799 30/10/1799 Vicar Lane Thomas
BARRACLOUGH Hannah 14/6/1800 10/8/1800 North Hall Thomas
BARRACLOUGH Mary 14/6/1800 10/8/1800 North Hall Thomas
BARRACLOUGH John 12/6/1802 18/7/1802 North Hall Thomas
BARRACLOUGH Thomas 13/7/1804 12/8/1804 Woodhouse Thomas
BARRACLOUGH Sarah 17/9/1806 3/4/1806 North Hall Thomas
BARRACLOUGH Elizabeth 24/6/1807 27/9/1807 North Hall Thomas
BARROWCLOUGH Phoebe 2/10/1809 17/11/1809 Templars Street Thomas

Marriages 1754-1769

Surname Given Name Date Spouse Wits: Notes:
BARROWCLOUGH Martha 16/9/1756 Samuel DEY John Barrowclif, Timothy Wood
BARRACLOUGH Jeremiah 26/1/1761 Martha ATTERSLY John & Martha Spink
BARRACLOUGH Agnes 5/9/1765 Henry MARRINER Saml Day, Jere Parker
BARRACLOUGH Martha 10/11/1766 John POLLARD James Lucas, Francis Cundill
BARRACLOUGH Rebecca 7/12/1766 Isaac CLIFF Joseph Wood, Abraham Barraclough
BARRACLOUGH Mary 25/11/1767 Thomas DAWSON Seth Dawson, David Ibitson Mary of Calverly Prsh,(Married by Licence)
BARRACLOUGH Abraham 28/12/1767 Ann ATACK Wm. Atack, William Atack

Burials 1786-1818

Surname Given Name Spouse Parents Abode Age Date Cause of Death
BARRACLOUGH Martha Jeremiah Bank 60yrs 28/5/1789 Murder Lunacy
BARROWCLUGH Thomas Abraham Hunslet Lane 19yrs 10/11/1790 Decline
BARRACLOUGH Abraham Hunslet Lane 51yrs 25/12/1796 Asthma
BARRACLOUGH Sarah Woodhouse 17yrs 23/6/1799 Decline
BARACLOUGH Sarah James Duke St 6wks 4/1/1803 Decline
BARRACLOUGH James James Duke St 4yrs 9/7/1804
BARRACLOUGH Eliza William North Hall 3yrs 7/10/1805 Small Pox
BARROWCLIFF John(Single Man) North Hall 27yrs 15/1/1803 Decline
BARROWCLIFF Ann William Timble Bridge 16mths 6/4/1802 Measles
BARROWCLOUGH Hannah William North Hall 30yrs 14/9/1810 Child Bed
BARROWCLOUGH John John Off Street 4yrs 28/5/1812 Small Pox
BARRACLOUGH John Abraham Holbeck 1wk 31/1/1813
BARRACLOUGH Jeremiah (Married Man) Hillhouse Bank 90yrs 12/12/1815
BARROWCLOUGH Mary John High St 37yrs 28/10/1827


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